Does Trump win the hearts Indian voters?

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Republican hopefully speaks in Hindi with the hope of capturing Indian-Americans vote.

Donald Trump may have insulted Mexicans, Muslims, and women but to woo Indian American voters he’s even dabbled in Hindi for Diwali.

The egoistic bombastic New York businessman is seen uttering “Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkaar” – adapting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2014 vote-winning catchphrase as his own – in a presidential campaign ad released Thursday.

“This time Trump government,” explains the ad on the screen.
Trump may speak in a thick US accent, but the 30-second ad is the Republican nominee’s latest attempt to win votes among Indian Americans ahead of Diwali. The video opens with the message “Happy Diwali” and borrows from footage of Trump speaking at a Hindu gathering in New Jersey earlier this month, lighting an oil lamp and promising close US-Indian relations.

“The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House,” he says in the ad. “We love the Hindus; we love India,” he adds, saying that he looks forward to working with Modi.

The candidate’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump visited a Hindu temple this week in Virginia, the home state of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine which is expected to vote blue on November 8.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel covered the segment the best, by asking Hindi speakers to make out what the Trump say.

There are an estimated four million Indian Americans living in the United States according to 2015 census figures. They are among the most educated ethnic groups and well-off, according to the Pew Research Center.

Only about half are Hindu, and 65 percent are Democrat, or Democrat-leaning, the think tank found in a 2014 report.

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