Tesla goes solar power

ecofriendly house

Expanding their portfolio Tesla to produce solar roof tiles.

Electric carmaker Tesla has changed into the alternative energy business, on Friday revealing solar roofs for the Eco-friendly house.

“Global warming is a serious crisis, and we need to do something about that,” company founder Elon Musk said during a news conference at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Musk remarked that electric cars in the past “didn’t look good… They were like a golf cart,” but Tesla automobiles are now highly wanted by movers and shakers including Hollywood stars and Silicon Valley organizers.

Solar panels require to undergo the same transform, he said. “We need to make them as appealing as electric cars have become.”

“The goal is to have solar roofs that look better than a normal roof, generate electricity, last longer, have better insulation and have a total cost that his less than the price of a normal roof plus electricity,” Musk said. “Why would you buy anything else?”

Tesla, which has joined teams with solar board maker SolarCity, intends to catch five percent of the market, Musk said.

The roof tiles are made with very strong tempered glass, high-efficiency solar cells, and colored film. “We expect to start installing these roofs sometimes next year,” Musk said.

He also unveiled an updated version of Tesla’s Powerwall, a compact, solar powered battery that can provide the energy to a home or business.

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