Can Small, bursts of exercise, can help your child to get healthier?

importance of kids exercise

It seems our children’s lives now-a-days are run by tablets and other mobile devices, and let’s be honest they have a lot more pressure to be and look a certain way than we did. 


It is so funny just yesterday I was having a long, drawn-out conversation with my cousins, who are also the friends I used to climb trees with, play cricket, have cookouts and sleepovers throughout my childhood. We ran riot in our neighborhood, and the constant crib by our parents would be that they could never find us at the end of the day.

When I look at the kids of today boy, do I feel like they are missing their youth, or am I just a generation too old?

It seems their lives are run by tablets and other mobile devices, and let’s be honest they have a lot more pressure to be and look a certain way than we did.


Most children I would say they lead rather sedentary lifestyles till big gaming companies were shamed for encouraging the couch potato behavior amongst youth.

It is finally hit home because in the early 2000’s many gaming companies were creating motion-based gaming devices. From the Wii to Xbox and now you see many gaming apps entering the playing field and engaging customers in some physical activities. For example, Nintendo released the long awaited Pokémon GO mid this year, and it has become an instant success with masses of both young and old players hitting the streets to find Pokémon’s of various sizes and shapes. While it is encouraging to see  And and after it releases, Pokémon GO has created a tsunami.

Anyone who had the ‘misfortune’ of downloading the game is running on the road with their eyes glued to their mobile or tab’s screen.

Several reports of road accident had been associated with these hardcore gamer. But even with this negativity, its popularity is increasing. And, most shockingly the ‘trump card’ that the players use is, it’s good for health!

That’s not a lie altogether! Nick Johnson is the first person to declare he has collected every Pokémon in the USA region. After the release of the game (6th July) he walked around 8 kilometers a day to collect all 142 virtual monsters and that helped him to lose 8-10 pounds in 15-16 days!
And, that’s what this generation has come to. They walk only when a virtual game asks them! Pokémon GO deserves some credit.

In the age of ‘call of duty’ and ‘clash of clan’ making someone move is becoming really desperate. All of them are busy with playing all sorts of game in mobile, tab, Xbox or Play stations. And that’s not entirely their fault. Modern lifestyle has forced them to downplay the physical exercise.

That’s the problem of this generation. Apart from athletes, nobody wants to exercise. And getting someone to exercise who does not want is hard! Extra work in school, competitive nature of educational life leaves so little time for exercise. Also, 24*7 social networking has led to reluctance to physical exercise.

Research has shown to remain healthy we need 60 minutes of exercise every day. And it’s crucial for children to have the daily ‘dosage’ of exercise for a healthy upbringing. But spending 6 minutes apart from the mobile device is unthinkable by the children or their parents. So where’s the time for 60 minutes of exercising in our busy life?


Surprisingly the answer has materialized recently. Three words – ‘Small bursts of exercise.’ Or is it four words? Anyway according to some new study very short intervals of high-intensity physical activity could have a range of health benefits for kids. This small burst of exercise routine can be used only six days or 3 days weeks. Either way, the required time for this exercise will be 60 minutes per week.

So 10 minutes per day, six days a week or 20 minutes, 3 days a week routine can replace the vigorous 60 minutes daily routine. It would still give the same result! Now, it sounds appealing enough, doesn’t it?

And more importantly, it doesn’t have to be 20 minutes in a single setting. The exercises can be done by as little of alternating activity and rest. Examples of activities which counted included everything from cleaning the room to playing badminton and golf! Though it’s hard to see any teenager who has reluctance in exercise is taking an interest in golf!


Yes, it’s true all the study that has been carried about ‘Small bursts of exercise’ has been done in a small group. In a large scale or group, the result can vary. But even with this uncertainty and the early stage of these studies, it’s creating hope for all those lazy bones lying around all over the world.

If even a small group can be proved that short bursts of exercise can help kids get healthier, then it would be the best news we got in a very long time!


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