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facebook at wallstreet journal conference

Facebook’s next big bet? Is to make your phone’s camera smarter

Facebook has made us all to share text posts and photos and now is accompanying a lot of value of video.

Now, it desires to turn us all into live streamers, and apply advanced technology to assist the performance of our phone cameras: That’s the essence of an outlook that Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox presented at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference in Laguna Beach, Calif. Tuesday.

Cox stated that Facebook has already seen 400 percent growth in live streaming since starting it up to all of its users in May. Not all of that is occurring from users following broadcasts of major media brands, he revealed. The number of small broadcasters — teenagers who stream to simply a dozen of their friends, surprised even Facebook.

Essential to Facebook Live’s future growth is going to be technology that supplements to the live broadcast experience, remarked Cox. He revealed off one example that Facebook is testing within the lab: An app that automatically takes the camera input and in real-time delivers it in the form of famous painters such as Van Gogh utilizing neural networks.

The bigger intention behind attempts like this is to turn the camera into an exceptional tool that unlocks live streaming and augmented reality activities, said Cox. “This is going to help drive the technology to the next level.”

Cox was accompanied on stage by Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, who explained that Live is an evolution of free expression on Facebook, replete with the challenges that arise with it.

The company has been in trouble in the past for bossy removal of content and finally hinted last week that it was willing to ease its guidelines for acceptable content.

“Facebook is a platform for all ideas,” Sandberg stated. “We also want to be a safe community. Those two things can come into conflict.”

As Facebook is making a decision what content to keep on its platform and what to ban, it often finds itself confronted with criticism that it is exerting editorial control — a charge that Sandberg and Cox denied. “A media company is about the story that it tells,” said Cox. “A technology company is concerning the tools that it builds.”

(additional reports from Janko Roettgers/variety)

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