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Members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) on Saturday arrested Jiban Karim Babu the main suspect for stalking and assaulting two college girls in the capital’s Mirpur area.

The sisters had been repeatedly harassed and stalked in front of the college for sometime.

The twin sisters who are only of 16 years old and studying HSC at the BCIC College, were viciously attacked while they were heading for home around 11:30 am on Wednesday.

Jiban Karim Babu a dreadful man of 30 years old, slapped and kicked the twins only because they protested his indecent behaviour.

Attempting to get away from the jerk, the sisters ran towards their college gate, where the stalker followed them with a bamboo stick and continued to assault them.

As a few college students tried to defend the sisters, the stalker was joined by 10 other jerks who took up various weapons to keep the students at bay.

The principal of the college sent the two to National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, were the sisters were treated for their injuries and laster released.

On the ensuing day, teachers and fellow students formed a human chain in front of the college demanding exemplary punishment for the criminals.


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