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PM seeks support for a poverty-free Bangladesh

hasina at the council meet

Speaking at the party’s national council, she described her administration’s development efforts to alleviate poverty.

Sheikh Hasina, who has been leading the party for 35 years now, began her speech by recalling Bangladesh’s struggle for independence.

She started her speech by paying respect to the four national leaders and Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Bangladesh she believes will be a bridge between the east and the west and that is why much importance is given to regional connectivity.

Pressing Awami League activists to come up with a list of poor people in their regions, she pledged ‘poverty’ will just not subsist in Bangladesh after 2041.

“Awami League is the people’s party. The people are our responsibility,” Prime Minister declared.

At the preparatory committee meeting of the national council last Tuesday, Hasina had informed: “The government will relentlessly continue to battle against poverty. However, it is essential the party presents the right kind of support.”

Prime Minister’s administration has focused on making Bangladesh a middle-income country by 2021 and an advanced nation in the two decades soon after.

After addressing the council, Hasina recessed the session.

A closed-door meeting of the party’s councilors is slated at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) auditorium, where it is expected the new leadership of the party will be decided.

The Awami League formed the government courtesy of a landslide electoral victory during the 2008 parliament elections, promoting itself as the party of change.

Five years later, it returned to power in an election that was boycotted by main opposition BNP and its allies.

Shiekh Hasina had revealed recently that she would be ‘happy’ to retire if given the opportunity.

AL leaders, however, stress that there is no alternative of Hasina.

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