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Emotional Sec General pledges loyalty

syed ashraf

Syed Ashraf, current general secretary of the oldest political parties in Bangladesh, the Awami League and the son Syed Nazrul Islam, who served as the acting president of the wartime Bangladesh government.

In his speech, an emotional Syed Ashraf, who had presided over as general secretary of the oldest political party in Bangladesh, Awami League, for two terms skipped his written speech and said

Dear brothers and sister, I am the child of Awami League. I was born in the house of Awami League. I suffer when the Awami League is hurt. When an Awami League activist is hurt, it pains me as well.

He informed that he ran the party on Sheikh Hasina’s advice. Pointing out that the party had not experienced any split or faced a conspiracy during his time.

Requesting for unity in the party, he pleaded on Saturday, “Awami League is not a mere political party. It’s the outcome of the sacrifice of (Liberation War) martyrs, the sacrifice of the four national leaders and the Father of the Nation.

The AL general secretary informed that many conspiracies had been plotted to create a split in the party. “However, Awami League could not be damaged, and it will never be possible.”

Swearing loyalty to Sheikh Hasina, he declared, “As long as she is here, she will lead us.”

Prior to his speech, he requested the audience to read his written statement. “The report of the general secretary, which had been printed as a booklet form, will take some time to read, therefore request to take it along with you.”

In his written speech, Syed Ashraf informed of a new conspiracy against the Awami League.

“An evil quarter is trying to destabilize Bangladesh by trying to create panic among the people through radical extremists.”

There are rumors that he may be replaced, as Awami League’s General Secretary.

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