The Day the Internet shut down

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A bug hits the western world, and the subcontinent is under construction!

It seems that globally the world was not supposed to be online on Friday. With the Bangladesh being affected by the maintenance work on the submarine cable near Singapore and in American hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major Dynamic Network Services Inc (DNS)host.

The submarine cable which runs the length of Asia which is currently being serviced is technically only supposed to disrupt internet connection across Bangladesh for five days from October 23rd till October 27th, said the state-run telecom agency BTCL.

That said people across the country have been experiencing a limited bandwidth from Friday morning.

On the western coast of the world social media giants and news outlets such as Twitter, Spotify, BBC, and Reddit, were down or defunct s on Friday morning. This was happening as hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host.

Dyn told CNBC the attack is “well prepared and executed, coming from tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time.”

Series of strikes incapacitated crucial piece of internet infrastructure, impeding or outright blocking access to many popular online venues. “When I see something like this, I have to think state actor. This is not some hacker sitting in his basement typing away on a keyboard,” stated Eric O’Neill a former “spy hunter” on the FBI counter-intelligence force and currently Carbon Black national security strategist.

Armies of computers contaminated with malicious code are usually employed in DDoS attacks. Which are designed to inundate targets with simultaneous online requests.

Hacker software referred to as Mirai that assumes control of IoT devices were apparently connected to the attack, With the broad array of devices making requests helping get past Dyn defenses.

Domain name servers are a critical element of Internet infrastructure, transforming numbered Internet Protocol addresses into the domain names that enable users to connect to internet sites.

The DDoS attack hit what is similar to a directory support service used to route online traffic to the right addresses, meaning that although networks such as Level 3 were running normally, they couldn’t be reached.

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