Who won the Presidential debate?

US presidential final debate

One thing is for sure the Republican camp is not on the same page on election results.

It was another entertaining debate which was popcorn worthy, with both candidates taking jabs at each other as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the final presidential debate on Wednesday evening. Emotions ran high amongst the viewers and between the two candidates, who did not even shake hands per or post debate.

This debate saw a record-breaking unfavorable rating for both candidates, whose heated performances at the first two debates demonstrated how divisive the US presidential race has been.

In a survey conducted by CNN with 547 registered voters who watched the debate, 52% said Clinton won, and 39% said Republican nominee Donald Trump came out on top. With a margin of error was 4 percent. As usual, voters seemed to perceive Trump as going on that attack at the debate. Of those surveyed, 60% said Trump was on the attack more, and while 55% thought Trump’s attacks were fair, more people (63%) said Clinton’s attacks were fair.

Here are some thoughts on the debate from camp Hillary:


“Hillary won. Trump did not needle her when he needed to. He rambled on about the same points. Hillary addressed the questions asked for the most part, and she also made some valid new points (for example on abortion and on Trump’s lack of experience in government). It was also clear regarding who stayed after the debate to meet and greet the audience, and who ran for the exits.” -Patrick M. Crowley

“Trump has a habit of shooting himself in the foot. There were so many times in this debate when HRC was cornered and looking uncomfortable including on ‘pay to play’ issues with regards to the Clinton Foundation. But every time he tried to butt in with some cheeky or convoluted remark, thus opening ways for her to either pivot or avoid answering the question altogether…Even worse, it let HRC go into her bombastic rant about his lack of respect for institutions without answering the same question herself. That was a rookie mistake and just showed his lack of preparation.” -cool head

“Trump brought a knife to a gun fight. It’s over…The fact that he won’t signal to his people that they should have respect for the outcome of the election is, quite frankly, a horrible precedent. He’s going to get smoked in the general election. The only question is how supposedly smart, tough guys like Bush, Rubio, and Cruz couldn’t find the dirt on him and take him down before the Clintons did. Bush had what, a $100M war chest?” -Jack Russell

On the other hand, Trump’s camp thought he triumphed.

Post debate Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who deserves a prize for her efforts in trying to make what he says sound normal, seemed to walk back the Republican presidential nominee’s unfounded claim that there will be widespread voter fraud on Election Day.

Conway told MSNBC that she doesn’t see evidence that states are rigging the election against Trump, though she asserted that there is a “larger conspiracy, larger collusion” between “some specific members of the media and the Clinton campaign.”

“From his last two bad/mediocre performances, I think Trump pipped this one. Clinton looked uncomfortable several times during the debate and appeared to be “winging” it on several issues, especially emails and the Foundation’s credibility. Trump’s appeal to the working class struck a more emotive cause. Both, though, looked hopeless on the repair to the economy apart from “trust in me” comments. What a pair to have to choose from!” -Dauphin

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