5 essential shirts for a man’s wardrobe

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Shirts are an essential element of a man’s wardrobe. Donning a shirt represents your apparel sense and enhance a man’s disposition.

Without further ado here are the five shirts every man must own

A crisp formal white shirt

Whether it is casual or social events, a white shirt is fundamental for a man’s wardrobe. One can wear it with a suit or along with a pair of favorite denim jeans. Make sure to pick an excellent quality fabric and its a comfortable fit.

white shirt essential


A pink shirt

Yes, you did read it correct! There is zero feminine about donning pink. Pick a pastel hue of pink instead of a bright one and side it up with a pair of dark colored denim jeans.

pink formal


A black shirt

There are hard slog days at the office, and there are days one has to deck up for formal events. A black shirt and white shirt deals something in common – it is versatile. Wear a black shirt preferably to evening functions and pair it up with a tie or cufflinks to complete the reserved look.

black dress shirt


A blue formal shirt

If one is searching for a slight variation from the white shirt, alternate to the blue shirt. The classic variations of blue are an excellent alternative to white dress shirts. When it comes to the colour, there are a lot of shades possible in blue which look suitable at work. Again, stay away from those gaudy shades.

blue formal shirt


A striped formal shirt

A striped shirt may not versatile as a solid or plain shirt, but it is a switch from the solid everyday shirts. You can wear a striped shirt with both trousers and denim depending on the situation.

stripped shirt


So be bold, be prosperous, be amazing.

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