Family Guy on board the Access Hollywood bus!

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Peter Griffin the voice of reason in the ‘Family Guy’ episode with Donald Trump and Billy Bush

It’s funny to think this would even be possible, but Seth MacFarlane the creator and voice of Peter Griffin, has capitalized on the whole ‘Access Hollywood’ bus incident; the irony is that “Family Guy’s” Peter Griffin is the voice of reason!

At least this time around there was one gentleman onboard the bus, as the Fox network comedy cast placed the cartoon character on the “Access Hollywood” bus with Billy Bush and Donald Trump for Sunday episode.

The scene which begins with a classic cutaway as character Quagmire is on a picket line with his fellow airline pilots. “This is a mess,” Quagmire says. “Like when Peter road that ‘Access Hollywood’ bus.”

The animated scene cuts to the real-life footage of the ‘Access Hollywood’ bus that recently surfaced, with actual audio from 2005 recorded Trump-Bush conversation, where Trump brags about grabbing women in the most indecent way possible.

“Thanks for letting me ride on the bus with you,” Griffin’s voice is heard saying. “Hey, you want to have some locker room talk?”

When the real Trump is heard saying, “I moved on her actually,” Griffin responds, “Whoa whoa, that’s not locker room talk. I meant like ‘good play, good pass.’ That kind of thing.” Trump is also heard saying how he moved on a woman and failed.
Griffin responds, “as long as you didn’t try to ____ her and she was single.”

When Trump, as is now well-known, says he did try and she was married, Griffin tells him how awesome he is.

“Hey, you ever thought of being President?” Griffin says, You know something is not right with the 2016 US presidential election when a cartoon character from the Family Guy has more morals than a candidate!

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