Au revoir! Plastic Dishes


France’s love affair with banning things continues. Now controversial ban on plastic cutlery

France appears to be the first country to introduce a blanket ban on plastic dishware; this comes from a Socialist Government and after Paris hosted a landmark conference on fighting global warming.

While scientists’ organizations lauded the French law and hoped it establishes an example for other nations, disputants argue that product bans hurt consumers and that the French measures violate European Union rules on free movement of goods.

There is a possibility that the French prohibition could extend to other countries, Pack2Go Europe, a Brussels-based organization expressing European packaging companies announces they will keep striving it.” We are requesting the European Commission to do the correct thing and to take legal action to France for encroaching European law,” Pack2Go Europe secretary general Eamonn Bates said to The Associated Press. “If they don’t, we will do.”

The Europe Ecologie-Greens Party basically proposed the ban and was approved by French legislators with the intention of reducing the energy consumed and waste produced by the plastic processing industry, as well as the pollution caused by plastic litter.

The measures will forbid selling of single-use plastic plates, cups and glasses except they are made of bio-sourced elements that can be composed of a domestic composting unit.

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