Toronto to Montreal in less than 30 minutes!

montreal to toronto hyperloop
TransPod Inc

Canadian company plans to bridge the gap of 541 km in thirty minutes, making it sound like stuff of science fiction

TransPod, a Toronto-based company, Founder and CEO Sebastien Gendron is working to develop Hyperloop in Canada, which is an ultra high-speed transit line that can travel up to 1,200 km/h. A science fiction tech story perhaps.

Sebastien in Berlin will present TransPod’s Hyperloop plans at InnoTrans, the world’s largest transportation trade show.

He will be hoping to gain financial backers for the project by convincing them that Hyperloop is not only a good idea, but it’s one that’s also possible. According to him as we have been living with cars, trains, airplanes, boats for a while now. It’s time to move on and propose something new for the next century.

TransPod can work on using renewable energies and will be faster than current mode transportation.

Hyperloop a land-based high-speed system that uses transport pods the size of rail cars, which can travel through vacuum powered pipeline-like tubes. Hyperloop does sound like a revolutionary idea, but most of the technology that is needed already exists.

Some of the technology needed have been developed for the aerospace industry, some for the railways. It’s only a matter of putting all the available technologies together and getting it approved by agencies like Transport Canada.

Hyperloop will be expected to have travel speeds ranging from 500 to 1200 km/h, which does raise the question, about what effect travelling at that speed will have on the human body. “So it’s like on an aircraft, you don’t feel the acceleration at taking off and actually, as we will learn using an electrical engine. One can monitor and regulate the acceleration. So if you want to have a roller coaster experience, definitely you can have a hard acceleration,” explains Gendron.

TransPod plans to develop Hyperloop, which will be used to travel between Toronto and Montreal, and the trip would take only 30 minutes. The distance of approximately 541 km, which means the pod would need to travel at 1,000 km/h.

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