British Army may not be able to defend Homeland


‘Withered’ armed forces are incapable of defending the Britain against a severe military attack.

In a scathing 10 page memo to Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, General Richard Barrons, ex-head of Britain’s Joint Forces Command, wrote about how the armed forces have been severely depleted and may not be able to defend against serious attack.

In a disconcerting news, he did inform Sec. Fallon, how Britain is to without a plan to protect the nation and the country would be severely overwhelmed in a proper concerted attached by Russian air campaign.

The private memo which was obtained by FT, he cautioned and informed British Armed Forces capability had been “withered by design.”

Due to cuts as mounting budget deficit rose, defense spending cuts in real terms since 2010 the size of British Armed Forces has shrunk by around one-sixth. Thats not the end of the bad news as last year’s review will see a reduction in civilian staff of 30 percent.

It should be noted; Britain has committed to meeting NATO’s defense spending agreement of two percent of GDP.

In its new five-year defense plan announced last November spending would increase by £12 billion which will be £178 billion over the next decade.

(£1 = $1.29 or 100.75)

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