Duterte ordered killings says Philippine hitman

Senate Hearing against duerte

Self-confessed hitman testified about President Rodrigo Duterte personally issued assassination orders

Edgar Matobato during a Senate hearing investigating the Philippine president’s anti-crime crackdown confessed he heard Duterte, while mayor of Davao City in the early 1990s, give instructions to carry out extrajudicial killings.

The Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte’s office has denied accusations that Duterte ordered a militia group to perform such killings.

Edgar Matobato informed his and his cohorts’ job was to kill criminals like drug pushers, rapists, snatchers,” confessing he himself had killed more than 50 people while being part of “Davao Death Squad.”

He gave gruesome details about their killing methods. Which involved mutilating the bodies of the victims, cutting them into pieces and finally wrapping them in masking tape to avoid identification then dumping them on the side of the road.

One unfortunate victim was fed to a crocodile.

Rodrigo Duterte has denied involvement in any form of vigilantism as either Mayor or President.

Various Rights groups have documented over 1,400 suspicious killings in Davao since the early 1990s. Duterte’s critics say the bloody war on drugs since he became President on June 30 has all the signs of similar methods.

International criticism on Duterte has been mounting as his so-called war on drugs, has taken more than 1,900 lives since August.

Ronald de la Rosa, National Police chief in his testimony before the Senate Committee on August 23, informed that police had killed more 700 drug users and traffickers since July 1, all the while the police “follows the rule of law” as there was no “shoot-to-kill” order.

Duterte came into office with massive public support after he vowed to clean up the country of drugs and corruption.

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