Apple Sold Out!


Phil Schiller, senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc., talks up the iPhone7 during an Apple media event in San Francisco.


iPhone 7 Plus is also out of stock in every colour.

Apple has seen a jump in their stocks since the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; their stock is up nearly 8% so far this week, after surging more than 4% on Wednesday.

The launch of the new iPhone had a much stronger than anticipated demand.

On Friday, limited quantities of iPhone 7 in silver, gold, rose gold, and black are going to be available for customers at Apple retail stores. However, the online pre-order period, initial quantities of iPhone 7 Plus in all finishes and iPhone 7 in jet black are sold out and will not be available.

In other words, if you had your heart set on ordering the jet black iPhone 7 or any of the iPhone 7 Plus options on the launch day (September 16th), there is a high possibility that you might have to wait until November 2016, to get your hands on it.

One can order the phones online, but that doesn’t mean they will get it right away, they will have to wait for the backlog to clear. For the US and the UK, both iPhone 7 models there is a wait time of 3 weeks on Apple site.

It’s also clear there is a much longer wait for the Jet Black variant, wait times of up to five weeks for the iPhone 7 to become available and until November for the shiny black iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple launched the new models at a San Francisco event earlier this month. These gadgets feature improved cameras and eliminate the traditional headphone jack.

Apple will be releasing their first-weekend sales of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which has been a tradition, as per Apple, these figure are more of a reflection of supply than it is of actual demand.

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