Revitalize and repair your skin this winter

Coconut Oil

Revitalise and repair your skin this winter, with some simple and inexpensive natural treatments

Although your skin maybe extra dry during the winter months, certain ingredients used in specialist skin treatments are incompatible with sun exposure, such as retinol and glycolic acid.

‘Chicken skin,’ or Keratosis pilaris, manifests as dry, red, pimply bumps, found mostly in the upper arms and thighs.

The cause (it’s strongly genetic) is a build-up of keratin in the skin, which forms a plug in the hair follicle, and eventually, produces acne-like bumps.

Dryness makes it worse, whether it’s due to exposure to the sun, chlorine, hot baths or harsh, dry winters. Picking and scrubbing won’t help, and may in fact cause scarring, so TLC is what this condition needs.

Avoid hot baths and use gentle cleansers. The ideal treatment is a few drops of coconut oil nightly after your morning and evening shower. The lauric acid in coconut oil soothes any inflammation and acts as an antibacterial agent. Retinol creams will also help when used every second day. Treat the area all winter long, and you’ll be ready with soft, smooth skin during the summer month.

Remember: Sun exposure aggravates keratosis pilaris, so always wear sunscreen.

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